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Dress for Success with 24MX Motocross Clothing Kits

Motocross clothing should be durable and resilient to stay in one piece under harsh riding conditions. Hidden behind the scenes, MX gear also needs to be packed with technical features to not only protect the rider but also stay looking good when the flag drops.

Why buy MX gear as a kit?

If you've got the time and budget, you can, of course, hunt through the pages of 24MX and buy your motocross jersey, trousers, helmet, and boots separately. If you’re just starting out or dirt biking on a budget, 24MX offers the perfect solution with a motocross clothing kit. There are multiple advantages to buying a motocross clothing kit, not least of all being that all the items are chosen to look good and perform well together. This feature is an essential consideration as it means that the design is cohesive throughout, and the clothing’s materials and construction are identical. In addition to looking good and saving money, buying a motocross clothing kit means the items should have similar wear rates. 24MX clothing kits are available in four basic formats. These are jersey, pants, boots and helmet, jersey, pants and helmet, jersey, pants and boots, and finally, a classic two-piece jersey/pants combo.

Jersey, pants, boots, and helmet

This MX kit is the ultimate click-and-ride option and everything you need. The jersey is a multi-panel construction and is moisture-wicking. The pants are water-repellent Polyester. As for the boots, they feature a heavy-duty sole with ankle padding, adjustable buckles, and steel toe plates. Topping off the bargain motocross kit is the helmet with its thermoplastic shell, featuring a washable liner, and adjustable peak.

Jersey, pants, and helmet

If you already have a pair of favourite MX boots, this is the clothing kit for you. The jersey and pants match perfectly and have some great features including a long back panel on the jersey and substantial knee panels on the trousers. Throw in a classic MX-style helmet with great features and color-coordinated graphics and you’ve got one killer deal.

Jersey, pants, and boots

For keen dirt bike riders making the switch to MX, you may already have a helmet, in which case this motocross kit combo is ideal. This bargain bundle offers a matched jersey and pants, combined with featured-packed MX boots suitable for beginner to intermediate riders.

Classic two-piece

The 24MX range of two-piece motocross clothing kits is vast. You'll find jersey and pants combos from over 15 leading MX clothing manufacturers in multiple colours and styles. These cutting-edge clothing kits offer the type of heavy-duty features top MX riders demand. Here you'll find jerseys and pants made from top-shelf materials that are tough yet light and breathable. They have features such as wear-resistant panels in all the major contact areas and stretch panels around the knees are common. In addition, jersey and pants combos work harmoniously with each allowing the rider maximum coverage and movement. This clothing is racer apparel at its finest and with fade-proof sublimated graphics, you're going to stay looking cool all the way to the finish line.

Are you starting your dirt bike journey and need a complete MX clothing kit? Or are you a born-in-the-mud veteran looking for a two-piece clothing kit to make you stand out from the pack? 24MX has your back.