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Alpinestars Kart Racing suit

Alpinestars Kart Racing suit

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  now offer as part of their  collection the Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 Suit GPH3 Kids Karting Suit. This popular child karting suit has an eye catching design and an advanced 2 layer construction. Sizes available have been created specifically for Kids. 

Certified to CIK FIA homologation standards, the KMX-9 V2 features an aggressive design and vibrant colorways for entry and intermediate level racers. Boasting a two-layer construction for protection and lightness, this suit also has a 100% Polyester toweling liner for driver comfort. Other driver-friendly design details include an angled front opening, stretch panels on the back, shoulders and waist for an optimized fit, and breathable mesh material on the crotch and underarms.

• Advanced two-layer construction assembly for optimized performance, improved breathability and weight saving.
• Engineered for durability, minimal material bunching and abrasion resistance, while the po-ly-toweling lining boasts moisture-wicking properties.
• Alpinestars asymmetric front opening design aids fitting.
• Knitted stretchable panels on back shoulder and lumbar area ensure minimal material resis-tance while driving.
• Tech mesh panels positioned on the underarms and seat area for optimized ventilation.

• Certified to CIK-FIA Level2 homologation standard. N 2013-1.

Key Features
• Alpinestars Formula 1-derived design and technology shoulder epaulettes.
• Ergonomic collar with soft knitted lining for extended coverage and maximum comfort with safe closure system.
• Adjustable waist belt allows a tight personalized fit.
• Anatomical arm, leg and torso panneling is patterned to create the optimum position while driving.
• Knitted wrist and ankle cuffs provide a snug fit and help prevent unwanted movement of the suit.
• Two thigh pockets offer a convenient storage option for those times away from the driving seat.
• Premium YKK zipper with personalized zipper pullers, plus double slider for versatile and customizable fit.
• Comes in a wide range of aggressive new colours


These suits are available in sizes 120cm, 130cm, 140cm and 150cm. The measurement relates to the total height of the child from head to toe.

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